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Here you can read all about Introductions, the Matching, and Blessing, what they are and what they mean, along with family related internal guidance about the Blessing.

For clarification here is a brief explanation of some of the terminology we are using:

The Introductions System – is a seven-month period of preparation for the Blessing and married life that a couple go through, starting from the day they accept being Introduced to each other.

The Blessing – is the ceremony officiated by True Parents or their Representatives that gives a “Heavenly Seal” to a couple’s pledge of commitment. At the completion of a Blessing ceremony the couple is Blessed in Holy Matrimony and are called a Blessed Couple and will create a Blessed Family. (They are expected to manage their marriage registration affairs in accordance with their personal circumstances and national laws.)

An Introduction – is a process by which two candidates are introduced through staff of the Blessed Family Department in their countries.

A Matching – Such couples will go through the Introductions System to prepare for the Blessing. After they have gone through this period of “Heavenly courtship” and commit themselves to an eternal relationship, they will considered Matched.

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How To

An explanation of the Systems and Standards involved all the way from an Introduction to the Blessing. In other words, the procedures, preparations and standards that candidates who wish to receive True Parents’ Blessing in this way will be expected to fulfil.


Guidance, Testimonials and Frequently Asked Questions.


Introduction text and a link to the Matching Database.


Recommended books, link to U.S. Blessed Family Department Website and related sites.

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